Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are Web based interactive applications that have very similar features of a traditional web application with better user interactivity, content publishing, database interactivity and data communication. We extensively use AJAX, Adobe Flash, JavaScript, Jquery etc. to develop such highly interactive and a rich user interfaces.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can be used as an excellent user interactive front-end that seems a very long & tedious process with traditional web technologies. Rich Internet Applications are used to simplify complex & long processes into a single step event such as registration, online shopping and content browsing & analysis. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are used effectively used to provide an engaging and interactive experience to its users. RIAs can be made to work with existing web application technologies and small modules that can be deployed even as part of normal HTML pages.

We create Rich Internet Web 2.0 Applications using RIA technologies such as Flex, AJAX, Flash and Microsoft Silverlight (put logos) to develop cutting-edge integrated Web solutions that deliver results.

NMG offers its extensive experience to build efficient Rich Internet applications development solutions to its clients. We offer custom RIA solutions and have created several custom Rich Internet Applications for a variety of industry vertical for our clients globally.

NMG has a great experience in Flash development, Flex development and Ajax development as a way to create Rich Internet Applications.

Advantages of RIA:

  • RIA’s are cross-platform & works without modification in most browsers and platforms;
  • Much lower probability of attracting viruses (due to fact that they don't need to download and install executable files);
  • Users love them, because RIA is much more user-friendly than a traditional website;
  • RIA provides higher productivity than traditional web sites due to better speed of work and functionality;
  • They reduce server load, because RIA’s are executed on the client side.
  • Whether you need a dynamic database driven website or a full-featured, large-scale RICH INTERNET APPLICATION, we can offer you solutions for both, which are custom built and tailored to meet your specific requirements.